Timcast IRL – Feds Consider FELONY MURDER Charges For DC Rioters, Parler Strikes Back w/ DontWalkRun

Guest: Andrew @Don’t Walk, Run! Productions @DontWalkRUN (Twitter)

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955 Replies to “Timcast IRL – Feds Consider FELONY MURDER Charges For DC Rioters, Parler Strikes Back w/ DontWalkRun”

  1. Johnny Franklin

    How can you even say that lethal force by the officer was justified where there was absolutely zero threat to life???? Have you lost your marbles Timmy?

  2. tears of joy for all this pain

    Bitcoin will start to be surpressed by the fed once their digital currency comes out (unless the fed ect already own it/created it, in which case we would be playing right into the control/subjegation of humanity)..

  3. C. Nichole

    They can charge them with it but it won’t hold up in court. They need to find the person who actually did it and it’s not going to be a Trump supporter, Trump supporters don’t do those kinds of things.

  4. Stanley Clark

    Luke is perfect for this show. Tim gets so much wrong, it’s hard to take Ian serious, but Luke is a pretty good balance of well informed with appropriate temperament.

  5. Lisa Nease

    Felony Murder? That’s the biggest dirty cop bullshit I’ve ever heard. And they wonder why they are hated. Learn he law. I have a degree in Criminal Justice. They are literally trying to destroy society.

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