Timcast IRL – CNN President Might QUIT, No Trump Means Media LAYOFFS, w/ Luke Rudkowski


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971 Replies to “Timcast IRL – CNN President Might QUIT, No Trump Means Media LAYOFFS, w/ Luke Rudkowski”

  1. Paul Spencer

    Deficit spending.
    This is always inflationary, but the question is – where does that inflation go? The 2008 deficit spending went into housing and shares, hence the sudden rise in house prices and shares. But if this extra cash goes into products, then there will indeed by hyper-inflation.

  2. BigBandit

    it’s such a politically correct and imo ridiculous stance to take that you’d protect a company that does nothing but lie and silence people. if some organization flagged you, fucked with your business or labeled you incorrectly out of spite for your political leanings why would you attempt to be the bigger person, whats to gain from that? is your pride really worth allowing these companies to harm people? just name the companies and “inadvertently” send your goons to fuck them up since that’s exactly what they do to you every single time they mention your name. republicans extending the hand of common courtesy is why this whole social media thing has fucked up our entire party for the last 12 years, stop playing nice with people that wouldn’t piss in your general direction and actively work to hurt you.

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