Tim Is Sad His Friend Converted To Social Justice And Is Now INSANE, You Hate To See It

A personal story of a friend sadly caught in the trap of social justice starts a segment that touches on the Pulitzer Prize’s diversity, inclusion, and equality initiative. It appears the earth is healing from the partisan disaster that was the pandemic as social justice is coming back.

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3,707 Replies to “Tim Is Sad His Friend Converted To Social Justice And Is Now INSANE, You Hate To See It”

  1. Ed

    Everyone keeps searching for why they do this, but its actually very simple. This is leftist ideoligy, which is basically Marxist dogma. And if you really want to know why its so prominent, all need to do is look at who is pushing it. I hate to say this but its Geroge Soros, the Rothchiods, and the rest of their Bilderbergh minons. Hey its not like Soros is denying it or something, he did say his lifes work is to destroy America. Look it up.. no not Snopes, the man said it in his CBS interview. As for Rockafeller, he even said “guilty as charged”.

  2. Tana Hiveley

    Revelations is the last book in the Bible and the sum total of exactly what is happening now. You both should try reading it. The first seven chapters were Jesus writing to seven different churches. After that you get to read about what the disciple John saw from the island of Patmos. Remember when reading he did not know what technology was and how to describe what he was seeing. But that is all starting now. There is a reason people are going insane.

  3. Andrew Durfee

    The chronological order of bible would technically would not have the book of Revelations as the last book. The books in the bible were often bought as single books before it was combined in the bible that we know today. As you mentioned their was a meeting to determine what was cannon and what was not, and then be have what in now the bible. We have found older records that show differences in parts of the bible, but also a majority that is consistent.

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