Tim Explains INEVITABLE Inequality, How People WIN Despite Unfairness

A quick history lesson takes Tim and Adam on a path toward conversation about equality and inequality, intelligence, structure, and ties back into current events.

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777 Replies to “Tim Explains INEVITABLE Inequality, How People WIN Despite Unfairness”

  1. David Evens

    In the Ukraine, the wealthier farmers were called ‘kulaks,’ and the destruction of this class was called ‘dekulakization.’ This caused the second of the great governmental genocides of the 20th century, the Holodomor.

  2. Bryant Olson

    It is a dumb idea y will nobody talk on a real change reform war on drugs. With today’s intilect out of time laws. End for profit private prisons. ECT so much more neither party is talking real change for better

  3. Don Cuyson

    Hustle beats talent when talent don’t hustle; people born into the right circumstances/born with the right skillset and attributes lose to those that work and bust their asses.

  4. Cin Coy

    But they planed a garden. In Seattle. So god should give them gophers and moles. They would be like way are they dying. Way. My father-in-law got so mad one time he got is His tractor. And dug up all around the vegs. His freeway. I was like he is going crazy. Right after that like 8 month later. The movie Caddy shack came out we went to see it. We laugh so hard everyone was saying shhh. We got the movie for him on his birthday. And he laugh all the way throw it. So yes farming is hard really hard. He even stayed up all night like off in on for a month with a gun. I still laugh about it. So he hired someone to kill it. After 4 months.

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