Tim Discusses His Prediction For Civil War And Escalating Racial Tensions

Adam shares a very personal experience that altered his view of the world – but not for the worse – and Tim divulges what makes him able to predict the future so accurately.

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4,234 Replies to “Tim Discusses His Prediction For Civil War And Escalating Racial Tensions”

  1. Eric Ewald

    There will be no civil war. No one on either side has the guts to kick it off. All talk , all internet tough guys on both sides. Both sides will sit back and take it like they always do and be good little sheep. You will hand over your guns when they come for them. You will sit down and shut up when they tell you to. You will do NOTHING just like both sides always do. We are a nation of cowards. You will do NOTHING except OBEY!

  2. RoyDurett

    a war between nuclear powers is mutually assured destruction but kick off a civil war smuggle some guns and fan the flames and they won’t have a target to nuke.

  3. Rodney Hubbard

    Ya think 😳…. Tim it’s about history. I’m 61 years old forrmer Recon Marine. I would love to talk to you. You call yourself a critical thinker… Dude you’re so far off on somethings.

  4. Rodney Hubbard

    African Americans have every right to be mad and vengeful. We didn’t ask to be here. Tim Pool shut the fuck up.

  5. Richard longmore

    They just announced that they are cutting the police budget in Seattle by %50 . Even after seeing the chop nightmare ? Was there a public vote on this decision I wonder. And will government officials lose there protection first. The film the purge comes to mind

  6. Richard longmore

    Wow this is the Raw truth. Heartbreaking as it is it’s refreshing to here the truth no matter how bad it is

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