Tim Calls Out “Tough Guy” Journalist Who Thinks Being A Weatherman Makes Him A Survivalist

Tim shares some of his personal experiences training for combat reporting and breaks down what people really act like when the stress levels are through the roof.

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673 Replies to “Tim Calls Out “Tough Guy” Journalist Who Thinks Being A Weatherman Makes Him A Survivalist”

  1. wjerame

    I think I’ve been taking Tim too seriously. He’s like that stoner friend who failed the kidnapping training but when he tells the story like he didn’t. He talks mad shit for someone who’s never been held at gunpoint.

  2. 79medic

    Yo Tim I can’t get any of your videos. I also can’t get any Fox News all week as well. Why is this. It’s like I’m being blocked from my usual programs and being bombarded with new news networks from China.

  3. Steve Jones

    So Tim (the “tough guy”) took a course so he could show up “another” tough guy that “he’s” a tougher guy !!! Ooh, now I get it !
    Hey Tim ! Sounds like YOU should run the Course !

  4. Boring Old White Guy

    I have seen weather. I have experienced weather. I have felt weather. I have talked about weather. I am also a man. With all of that together I too must be a weatherman. Stand back Les Stroud.

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