Tim Answers The Question, What Makes The Mob Evil??

Tim’s theory of life, good, and evil gets a long-due explanation as he breaks down what makes destruction via mob actually evil.

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1,266 Replies to “Tim Answers The Question, What Makes The Mob Evil??”

  1. David Evens

    Religion is potentially dangerous because it has a near-unique ability among social institutions. Over the course of the many centuries of civilization, ways have been found to encourage bad people to do good things or at least refrain from doing bad things. Religion, however, has the nearly unique ability to get good people to do bad things. Those systems that are not strictly religions that also have this ability have been described, by such people as Richard Dawkins, as “cultural religion substitutes.”

  2. 8291 Watcher

    I grew up Christian and then switch to hardcore atheism… now I’m making my way back to being a Christian.

  3. DarkerfoxTech

    You I find entropy fascinating. As I can see no greater order that what would come at the end on the universe. Nothing. Nothing, can not be out of place.

  4. Lights Out

    Africa is for the African. Asia is for the Asian. Everywhere else is a common area where the global 16% population of white people need to check their privilege. πŸ˜’

  5. テェぺシγƒ₯ヴラッド

    You do realize that the far left uses the system to destroy the system.
    When they put up a fence to protect a building, but were told by the mob that it was creating a divide between the people and government, they took down the fence, and the mob destroyed the building.
    Shocker! Didn’t see that one coming from a mile away.

  6. テェぺシγƒ₯ヴラッド

    One way to defeat a mob?
    “poison the well”
    Whatever the mob wants, “poison” it, resist them a little to protect their poisoned prize, then tactically retreat. What the mob is left with, their “spoils of war”, which is actually “rotting”, the fruits of their labor are a waste, causes demoralization. That’s one tactic in a “war of attrition”.
    Cut off supplies, wear away at the edges and weakest links in the chain, which weakens the moral authority of the heart of the mob.
    Steal from them their cause and means, and what do they have to fight for? What do they have to fight with?
    Basically, remove means, motive, and/or opportunity, the action cannot occur.
    A lot of this can be done without force, but it takes a lot of strategy, planning, coordination, and completing tasks that I don’t know any groups willing to put them into play. I can’t think of any groups willing to fight for The United States of America.

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