Tim And Adam DISAGREE About How To Deal With ANGRY Social Justice Warriors

When the topic of angry social justice warriors at college and at protests comes up, Tim and Adam disagree about their fury, but common ground is eventually found.

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3,895 Replies to “Tim And Adam DISAGREE About How To Deal With ANGRY Social Justice Warriors”

  1. Donald Piniach

    When people are motivated by emotions and irrational thought, you must let them wear themselves out and come to whatever end they do.
    You stand by. This does not mean you do not protect and preserve what is valuable to you with extreme prejudice.
    Emotional people still see boundaries that will evoke immediate and definitive responses, and harsh consequences. Typically, holding them civilly and criminally accountable suffices.
    But in DEMs cities, this is not occuring and opportunists have stepped in. That’s a local problem.
    Individuals INEVITABLY protect THEMSELVES with prejudice. Woke leftist might have learned helplessness, but that’s not the common stance.

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