TikTok Doctors And Nurses Are Dancing On THE GRAVE Of COVID Patients, MOCKING US, Its Despicable

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host guest, musician, Blaze commentator, and fellow YouTuber Eric July to excoriate recent choices by nurses and doctors to use their apparently-copious free time to coordinate and practice elaborate dance videos for viral fame on TikTok.

Guest: Eric July
YouTube: @YoungRippa59
Twitter: @EricDJuly
Website: EricDJuly.com

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Ian: @IanCrossland (everywhere)
Lydia: @SourPatchLyds (Twitter), @Ultr4violet (Instagram)

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1,089 Replies to “TikTok Doctors And Nurses Are Dancing On THE GRAVE Of COVID Patients, MOCKING US, Its Despicable”

  1. Lady Blazes

    Wow, he brings up a very good point. We did go along with this initially to ease the burden on our medical care workers & hospitals. We didn’t want to overwhelm them OR the system. It feels like it’s been more than just one year ago by now but I do remember that, initially (when I believed the hype), I was one of the concerned citizens reaching out to the local officials begging them to take this virus seriously. I was genuinely concerned and it felt like I was the only person in the world who was taking it seriously. I felt like I could envision this train-wreck before most people around me even knew there was a virus in China. Then, I remember the way I felt when people started saying “it’s just the flu, bro”…..my thinking on this entire pandemic experienced a major pole shift once I realized what was really going on here. Now I am the one who believes ‘it’s just a flu bro’. I feel like most people flipped from their original position. If this had been a seriously deadly virus, humankind would have been in very big trouble. We know the truth now and we must put an end to what’s being done to us. This isn’t right. Stay safe everyone.

  2. azthar z

    Seeing people die constantly desensitize them. I had a buddy that was in a VERY bad accident. He told me his parents were leaving his room they overheard nurses making bets if he was going to make the night, laughing.

  3. DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST

    George Floyd was a Criminal..
    Hold a pregnant woman 🤰 at a gun 🔫 point and torture her and his 5 bodies the whole day longer

  4. Jarmezrocks

    As an Aussie I’m watching what’s going on….the mass movements of these people…the exodus from California and New York and it seems everyone is going to Florida, Austin Texas or West Virginia?

    West Virginia sounds nice to me if I was over there. The rolling county side is beautiful

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