This Election Might Take A MONTH, What Part Of The Process Is Taking So LONG??

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest and journalist Michael Tracey (@MTracey on Twitter) discuss the components of the election that are turning election day into election month.

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397 Replies to “This Election Might Take A MONTH, What Part Of The Process Is Taking So LONG??”

  1. Paula Laflamme

    The last couple of years I notice the folks around my BF, an hour north of Atlanta, keep acting more and more midtown Atlanta. Very wokeish. She’s been up there 15 years. This is new, but not COVID-new.

  2. Brandy Pompeo

    ➡️➡️➡️6,000 votes in a machine had a “glitch” that gave Biden votes that were ACTUALLY meant for Trump. 🤔🤔 In one county they had 40 of these machines that has the same software! And then we find out 38 States has the same machines!!!⬅️⬅️⬅️ This software program is actually owned by certain Democrat politicians, like  Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, & Bill & Hillary Clinton. 🤔🤔🤔 What are the odds that all these glitches always happen to take thousands of votes away from trump and give them to Biden??? Does anyone HONESTLY think its a coincidence?

  3. William Peterson

    So here in Georgia I have family members that have multiple ballots been mailed to them despite GA law requiring you to request them. I would advise you document the issue so you have proof, then contact Doug Collins office, THEN contact GA secretary of states office. So during primaries in June in GA, secretary of state admitted that possibly 1,000 people voted twice because of this issue. Remeber every story counts. If you have extra ballots make sure you don’t immediately contact the GA government. Make sure you have chain of evidence. This is important for our Republic and democracy as a whole. Document and take pictures of extra ballots. If worried about backlash, contact a lawyer. Document everything. Then contact secretary of state.

  4. smiley

    I get so tired of these guys discussing the same thing over and over. These guys need to from an opinion and stick to it. Grow some balls. Get a opinion. No more sitting on the fence Evil grows when good men do nothing

  5. L Grn

    Trump will not concede. This will go to SCOTUS. IF IETHER CANDIDATE DO NOT RECEIVE 270, then the vote goes to the House of Representatives. Each state will only have 1 vote. As of now. You have 31 red states, and 19 blue. Trump is Ra elected.

  6. Ben

    I been thinking… Trump has almost 90 million twitter followers, subtract 1million Trump haters and we’ll say 9 million followers from other countries , you got 80 million die hard Trump voters obviously dedicated enough to create a twitter and follow Trump.. PLUS the closet voters PLUS dems flipped Republican, PLUS the old people/ and smart young people who don’t have twitter … TRUMP LANDSLIDE, BIDEN CHEATED

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