They’re Killing Millions of People, But It Works

Some people call China a meritocracy, technocrats creating innovative solutions to modern problems, while liberal democracies fall apart. But there’s a price to looking for only practical solutions to problems, while ignoring belief. From the China Unscripted Podcast China’s Global War on Religion and Belief

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360 Replies to “They’re Killing Millions of People, But It Works”

  1. ian cormie

    Don’t like the term technocrat being used in this context. Call it what it is sociopathic (psycopathic) behavior.
    You don’t need any technical skill to murder people.

  2. Beau Grant

    China Daily, the CCP state owner news service, has spent $1.3m on ads in several domestic news outlets in the last 6 months, one third of their entire operating budget. They earned $13,144.47 in US based subscription fees.

    Recipients include:
    Los Angeles Times
    Bay Area Production Services, LLC The Seattle Times
    Chicago Tribune
    Walton Press, Inc.
    FNP Printing & Publishing Stellar Printing, Inc.
    The Houston Chronicle The Boston Globe
    Hawaii Hochi Ltd.
    Metroland Media
    Empresa Folha da Manha S.A. Sun Sentinel Company

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