There Is A NEW Media Company, NewsMax Is The New Right-Leaning Network People Are Leaving Fox For

Tim, Ian, and Lydia talk with Michael Malice (@Michael Malice on YouTube, @MichaelMalice on Twitter) discuss recent developments in right-leaning media.

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1,375 Replies to “There Is A NEW Media Company, NewsMax Is The New Right-Leaning Network People Are Leaving Fox For”

  1. Hugh Jones

    “The average Fox viewer watches 12 hours a day”. WHAT???? How do they have time to work?

    Ohhhhh, it’s all GRUMPY RETIRED PEOPLE.

  2. Wolong Gong

    Newsmax, much like Tim Pool were put in place to help make the Right, the opposite of the Left in terms of radicalization. Trap people in an echo-chamber of repeating nothing but extremism.

  3. Johnny Skinwalker

    The left have been preparing for that kind of rethoric for quite a while. I remember when a mild politician like Romney was the Republican candidate, they were calling him H(it)ler as well. I remember the movies stars and music stars saying that although it wasn’t as big as now cause Trump actually became President. And when he leaves office they are gonna call him “friend” again.

  4. Daniel Hamsley

    Until people start going after all local and national news channels this crap won’t stop!! We need to block all their stations and protest outside of every major channel nationwide from coast to coast!!! Take the fight to them! As long as we do nothing THEY WILL NOT STOP

  5. Paul Beduhn

    Just for a good laugh. Go back to Fox news on YouTube and you will find that their base has totally flip flopped to the Left, because there is no loyalty amongst liars and thieves.

  6. Enki A

    Can i watch the full videos somewhere if i missed the Live show? I would like to see this michael malice episode in full and a couple other videos Timcast irl doesnt have in full on youtube

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