There Are ACTUAL Reasons To Vote For Biden, According To A Biden Supporter

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host guest Destiny to discuss some of the possible PROS of voting for Joe Biden, and try to inject some nuance into our binary political situation.

Guest: Destiny @GazeWithin on Twitter, @Destiny on YouTube

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101 Replies to “There Are ACTUAL Reasons To Vote For Biden, According To A Biden Supporter”

  1. Russell Jackson

    When Tim brought up Trump trying to pull troops out of the middle east but being lied to and blocked by others, Destiny’s response was essentially “I don’t really know anything about that, but it’s definitely not true”.
    How are you supposed to get through to people like that?

  2. Jonathan

    This mangina talks like he runs a business and pays people lol what a soya drinking wanker. Still waiting for why he voted for Biden not just for hating on Trump

  3. Majestic Hotwings

    hearing destiny talk about china and giving them a pass just disgusts me. 14:52 that bit right there just infuriates me, “well I think that this authoritarian regime that silences dissent and actively conducts genocide, exists as a stand-alone entity and will do what it wants.” Imagine if this was the 1930’s, this dude would literally be saying, “Hey man, Nazi Germany is just gonna do its own thing.” Even his follow-up that no one country will be able to stop that is kinda stupid because while yes, individually America would struggle to stop china by itself, we don’t have to. All of Europe would follow in America’s footsteps here, besides, America is by far China’s single trading partner, the EU is close but that’s a whole continent of separate nations. Losing America as a trading partner would destroy China, especially considering that the EU would follow suit and probably their other important trading partners like South Korea, Australia, and Japan, as well who as American allies would also probably do the same, that’s what, 5 of China’s biggest trading partners? Even a country of over 1 billion people wouldn’t be able to survive economically. So no, there are things we can do to get China to change, 30 years of appeasement and free trade with them didn’t work, in fact, it only made them more dangerous to us in the long run, so how about we change the stance we take with them. Why actively assist this truly evil country conduct its atrocities when we have the power needed to FORCE THEM to change. If America’s policy on China was to officially see them as a foreign adversary and decouple our economies (something that is totally possible but won’t happen overnight), China would have only two options to contend with, either change how they do things or go back being to the impoverished hellhole that they were before, and I don’t think the people of China would very much favor that latter choice, even if the CCP tried to cram it down their throats. So no destiny, take your CCP shill ass out of here, Trump changing a failed 30-year foreign policy stance on this country is not a negative, its how we force an evil government to stop being evil, if you think that’s a negative, then you are just a useful idiot for the evil you pretend to stand against.

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