The Tea Party Calls For MARTIAL Law To Stave Off CIVIL WAR, Normal People Aren’t Just GIVING UP

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host guest and publisher of The Federalist Ben Domenech to discuss a recent proposal from the Tea Party encouraging President Trump to consider instituting martial law to prevent civil war.

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833 Replies to “The Tea Party Calls For MARTIAL Law To Stave Off CIVIL WAR, Normal People Aren’t Just GIVING UP”

  1. John Lyes

    Martial Law won’t do any good when you cannot trust who is leading the corps. Barr just did a Loretta Lynch and threw Trump under the bus and guess what the fix is in and we already are in a state of Civil War. If this fraud was done by Trump to Biden the lefties, snowflakes, ANTIFA and BLM terrorists wouldn’t be burning and looting cities. But this is the thing, while the Right and Trump supporters, conservatives and free Americans were peacefully protesting, the left has been gearing up with the aide of Soros, the Clintons, China and the media to start such a war. Biden isn’t going to be President long as it is, that drunken whore PeePeelosi will 25th the old demented fool by March, making way for Harris as President and Hillary Clinton as her VP, but even in crime you can’t trust anyone, this is why Hillary will use her “wetworks” team (trained by the CIA) to do away with Kamala, thus completing her plan of becoming what she felt was stolen from her in 2016. But that’s not the end. The UN police will enter American soil to begin confiscating legal arms, among other things.

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