The SPACE Race Will Incentivize American Ingenuity

Adam introduces the topic of the space race, and Tim and Adam talk about historical space race motivations and how current international conflicts could end up spurring us toward the stars.

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166 Replies to “The SPACE Race Will Incentivize American Ingenuity”

  1. erik nelson

    Yes we definitely need to find a better and more sustainable fuel source for space missions. From what I’ve been hearing NASA, Tesla and the various other companies working with NASA have been trying to find an alternative fuel source for over a decade now last I heard they were talking about maybe using sugar but that 3-5 years ago. At one point during the Cold War using nuclear explosions to propel rockets through space was an idea that we even tested. The result was the explosion or EMP knocking one of the first Soviet satellites out of orbit. As you can imagine the Soviets weren’t happy about that and shortly after we signed a treaty with Russia barring the use of nuclear weapons outside our atmosphere. Fun fact because of that experiment we have a ring of nuclear radiation around our planet!

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