The Silent Majority is REAL, We Have Hard Proof They Exist

Tim and Adam find an exciting new study from the Cato Institute that confirms suspicions of a silent majority. The beanie crew discusses what chilling effects might factor into peoples’ choices to remain silent when polled, and then take action in the voting booth.

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4,737 Replies to “The Silent Majority is REAL, We Have Hard Proof They Exist”

  1. None Ya

    I always said this. That people can say whatever they want in public to save face.. but when it’s between them and a lever to pull, privately… You’ll see a repeat of 2016.

  2. Fenrisúlfr Hródvitnir

    I’m not censoring shit I say for anyone. I’m not afraid of some assholes persecution or attempt to try and”defund” me. I don’t work for anyone. That and I carry a Glock in case someone like one of these pricks attempts to silence me for saying what I believe in but I don’t give a fuck considering I don’t often go out into public places and talk about my stance regarding my political beliefs because that’s my business and no one else’s. I’m still the silent majority considering I haven’t gotten into the war yet but still I sit silently in hopes of war coming and the tension is thick now…

    Just wait until we, the people who just want to be left alone get involved…

  3. LocalH

    Yes we exist, First time today I wore my American Flag face covering at work. I got a jokingly comment, “Hey your racist for wearing an American Flag”. Can you imagine if I wore a MAGA cap? I will never wear a MAGA cap at work or outside my home for fear of harassments.

  4. Blair Potter

    Bro, I am American but I went to uni in Europe. I absolutely that Americans use the term Liberal to describe the contemporary Left, because the contemporary Left is the antithesis of Classical Liberalism. Conservatism was actually borne from Classical Liberalism.

  5. ensign j

    My daughter is not political at all. But she is finally fed up with this pandemic hoax. I couldn’t get her to register to vote—-until now.

  6. Nick T

    Can you please cover Dr. Stella Immanuel, America’s Frontline Doctors. It is being censored hard. Hydr0x1chl0r1qu1ne cur35 c0v1d.

  7. Bob Hotchkiss

    And there’s the quote again, “Ya dog faced pony soldier!” Why hasn’t Biden been taken to the mat over that? Who the hell exactly was he even trying to insult with that? Was it, “I’m comparing you to a historically inaccurate and derogatory reference to native Americans, you should be insulted because I called you a savage – or what?”

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