The Right Thinks The Left Is Misled, But Leftists Think The Right Is EVIL

Adam makes the salient point that while the left believes the right is evil, the right doesn’t make such character judgments, and Tim discusses how angry, resentful and complaining social media and leftism have combined to make his friends and former friends and contrasts it with his positive attitude.

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2,036 Replies to “The Right Thinks The Left Is Misled, But Leftists Think The Right Is EVIL”

  1. Sean Rowland

    If your plan to fix toxic masculinity is to remove the masculinity, all your left with is a toxic person whose lack of identity will make them angry.

  2. Vincent L

    Toxic Femininity comes to mind when I used to watch the Arrowverse. Felt like Oliver Queen was the only male character who was generally too cool for that cuck nonsense.

  3. origionalwinja

    tim, this is SOOO not true. the right doesnt think the left is anything…we KNOW the left REALLY IS evil. not misled. theyre stupid, uneducated, violent, angry, petulant children! the left know the right is correct, and smarter than they are. this makes the left very angry, so they lash out

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