The Resource Wars Are BEGINNING Right As The World Needs To Be United Like NEVER Before

The incident in Venezuelan waters is only one of several examples of international disagreements; this segment highlights the disagreements between different allied countries over the shipment of masks. Who deserves the masks??

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1,490 Replies to “The Resource Wars Are BEGINNING Right As The World Needs To Be United Like NEVER Before”

  1. alastermyst

    Broader discussion for whoever is interested, when there is insufficient resources for medical care. Say in covid type pandemic. How should care be allotted? First come first serve? Prioritize some groups over others?

  2. alastermyst

    I’m fine with treating non-citizens. Illegals though I’m not convinced should be allowed access to any gov programs/facilities. No different than escaped convicts, they aren’t legally out in public so I’d argue that is aiding and abetting criminals.

  3. Jean-Sebastien Major

    Tim, I’m a french canadian from Montreal. I love you man, and after hearing you tonight, I felt like I should share some knowledge about “america jr”. There are 10 provinces comprising Canada, and 3 Territories. I swear we have no wish to join the States, we are happy with our single payer healthcare system, and the fact our government is giving everyone 2000$ a month during the pandemic, of which I have already received 4000$. So yeah, love tou guys, but no… don’t wanna join… good luck…

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