The RAT Apocalypse May Be Upon Us, Are We PREPARED??

With the quarantine comes a whole host of issues that no one has apparently thought about, from monkeys fighting in the streets in Thailand to…a plague of RATS in US cities? It makes sense that with people heading indoors, the animals who depend on them for food would become increasingly more desperate in their search of sustenance.

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2,166 Replies to “The RAT Apocalypse May Be Upon Us, Are We PREPARED??”

  1. Lady Crystal R- U.S.A

    They might also attack us. Babies in cribs. The infirm and weak…….people walking by on the street, or in their apartment…. could be a lot like a horror film.

  2. Zombycow

    meanwhile,in nyc
    >Goes down into subway
    >Look down at tracks
    * rats walking down the tracks, snapping rhythmically *

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