The Protests Are Just A Mark Of TRIBALISM, There’s No Salvation In Rioting

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host guest journalists Kalen from Scriberr (@FromKalen on Twitter) and Richie McGinniss (@RichieMcGinniss on Twitter) discuss the ways in which riots channel human nature and are not a net positive.

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99 Replies to “The Protests Are Just A Mark Of TRIBALISM, There’s No Salvation In Rioting”

  1. Jim P

    Antifa & BLM are Marxist/ communist insurgents committed to overthrow the USA
    *Marxism is malevolent*
    The love of power vs the power of love

    Just say it
    Communism is designed to cause deprivation and death
    Period. It’s Evil

  2. Rebecca Lopez

    The Communist Party USA has already claimed responsibility for all the rioting. They have been trying to take over this country for decades. Epoch Times 😊

  3. TBoneTony

    We all seen that Simpsons episode when the kids are stranded on an island.

    Lord of the Flies was the main inspiration for that Simpsons episode.

  4. HAdrian builtawall

    If you want to see real militarized police, look at Ireland in the 60s and 70s. The RUC had assault rifles, armoured cars and active support from the army.

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