The One Issue Black Lives Matter Won’t Address

Historic slavery of black people is far more important than contemporary slavery of black and other ethnic minority groups, right? #BLM #BlackLivesMatter #Slavery

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1,726 Replies to “The One Issue Black Lives Matter Won’t Address”

  1. Illusion

    You need to re-focus, none of this is reported on as it serves no purpose to the marxists trying to subvert the West, you know this all to well. Stop wasting time on this and focus on the real enemy.

  2. sirskeptic

    2:54 Does the number of “people” in forced servitude include men being forced to pay their ex-wives under threat of imprisonment and having their children removed from them by the state? Just asking.

  3. Vajrapani X

    3.5 pounds an hour?
    What is the minimum wage then ? Oh 8.72 pound if older then 25 years.

    Where do they live then? How do they pay rent ? Do they pay rent, who gets them food ?

  4. Liam Ashton

    When white British are a minority in the UK do you think this will stop? No. It’ll only start happening more and more.

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