The Mayor Of Seattle Is Expecting A Summer Of LOVE As Parts Of Her City Are Taken Over By Protesters

In a surprising statement, the mayor of Seattle jokes that this summer may be a ‘summer of love’ as a growing tent city gradually takes over parts of the city and sub-autonomous zones are decried by the organizers of the real autonomous zone. and Tim makes the controversial statement that he would enjoy being in the CHAZ.

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101 Replies to “The Mayor Of Seattle Is Expecting A Summer Of LOVE As Parts Of Her City Are Taken Over By Protesters”

  1. Rob Wealer

    Could be neat…the original had high hopes…made a cultural impact..mostly positive…much of the history is pretty sanitized…lots of VD and a small army of fresh addicts came out of it and SF public health was overwhelmed…just sayin

  2. TornadoMatty01

    This will never be a just world, it wont be a perfect world. World Peace is just wishful thinking. but we can change it, the world to make it less cold hearted and less corrupt. It just need action.

  3. rusty shackleford

    can’t tell if tim pool is trolling at 11:00.. put your money where your mouth is go to chad and get beat up lol

  4. Robert Brooks

    I’m sorry, it that dumb bitch doesn’t know how long someone will hold HER city hostage? WTF?!?
    Gross negligence if anything. That’s libtard wamens for you! Why don’t she just go babysit some kindergarteners!

  5. Clara Johnson

    But the government are those in question or are they not the brain behind it if we want to rebuild America we have to put our house in order

  6. Captain Remington

    I think what it comes down to is the number one thing Cops should be forced to learn is the Bill of Rights, expanded to the newer Amendments, walk them through one at a time, then they can start to through with the rest of their law training. That aside, I know the numbers, Cops are -always- held accountable for fatal shootings, And have even lost their jobs for doing the right thing in some cases.

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