The Mayor Of LA Thinks BASIC Human Rights Are Optional, Threatens To Shut Off Utilities To Partiers

LA mayor Eric Garcetti is making it readily apparent that he really believes the constitutional right to peaceably assemble is just some words on an old piece of paper. Tim and Adam discuss the overreach that’s grown during the pandemic.

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1,887 Replies to “The Mayor Of LA Thinks BASIC Human Rights Are Optional, Threatens To Shut Off Utilities To Partiers”

  1. Jojo Crazy Cat

    We don’t want Amazon in New York.
    That is what happens when Democrats are in control.
    They stop all business growth.
    Then nobody can afford to live in theses places.
    Then all you have is homeless living in the streets.
    That is when you start hearing the words, Shit Holes.
    Then those that caused all this to happen get offended.
    Yep, it is already happening.

  2. Smiling Badger

    I had my chance to get out of California last year. My wife wanted to stay near our sons. So here I am in Chinafornia.

  3. Michael Williams

    It’s time these traitorous governors die.

    It’s what this is speeding towards. We should just do it now and get it over with.

  4. Courtney Manning

    Not only is it a violation of Human Rights but it’s also a service that you pay for and if your bill is paid-up they don’t have a right to cut your utilities off. It’s not like the city of Los Angeles provides water and electricity for free

  5. Calsefire

    You guys have got to start putting the links of the sites you talk about or refer to.
    Just like I can’t trust some random picture of a headline posted on Instagram, I can’t just take your word for it.
    Start by posting the references.

  6. LordDante

    Here in Lexington TN Walmart mandated masks…
    They learned we aren’t buying it VERY quickly. After just one day of nobody showing up, they stopped enforcing it and just started “suggesting” masks

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