The Left Is No Longer ANTI-WAR, What Changed To Flip Their Position??

Tim, Ian, and guest Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules on Twitter) discuss what events catalyzed the left’s shift to being the pro-war party.

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895 Replies to “The Left Is No Longer ANTI-WAR, What Changed To Flip Their Position??”

  1. G G

    What about the US saving China from Japan? It comes around to bite our butts. If we go into a country, die for a country, then maybe we should get something out of it. I’m just sick of loosing our men and women, to also loose our $$$ to. I’m sick of the elites making $$$, off of the blood shed by both sides. Often for a lie!

  2. RocketSurgeon

    Germany was already losing WW2 when the US entered, that intervention wasn’t necessary. The war would have lasted another year, maybe two, but they would have lost; we’d never be speaking German, we’d be speaking Russian.

  3. C L

    Yea some of these people do WORSHIP politicians, stars and other weird shit and get up off their KNEES because they TAUGHT from cradle to now to do just THAT…..gross

  4. Human Bean

    I think we should oppose china fully but not in conflict. We should cancel all chinese held debt and bonds, seize all foreign chinese assets and interests and call it even. We should then start focusing 95% of ALL national spending on getting into space and having colonies on Venus and Mars and the Moon by 2025, fully manned with their families.

  5. Kez Dxx

    Obama got that Nobel peace prize and even he didn’t know why. I remember seeing a meme that predator drones bring fresh Jihadi kills to the steps of the White House in the hopes of coaxing back their master.

  6. Daryl Chance

    US had approved anti-submarine warfare in the Atlantic before Pearl Harbor
    It was actually Hitler who declared war in the US.

    Irony – the America First spokesman Charles Lindbergh got on board with the war to the extent that he personally shot down a Japanese plane while working as a Lockheed tech rep in the southwest Pacific.

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