The Fourth Of July Will Be TENSE, Gun Sales Have SKYROCKETED And There Are Plans In Gettysburg

Tim and Adam look at the booming sales of guns and predict some tensions down the road, especially around Independence Day.

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1,530 Replies to “The Fourth Of July Will Be TENSE, Gun Sales Have SKYROCKETED And There Are Plans In Gettysburg”

  1. john johnson

    This is a example of smart looking dumb people that just talk because they have mouths (talking heads) no real substance just words… Charlie Brown’s teachers. Worthless

  2. D Hunter

    Tim, you keep saying this is purely ideological, but the reality is it’s about POWER. Right now, going against their stated ideology of the “public commons,” as you put it, BENEFITS them, so of course they’re going to change course. Four years ago, they praised Mt. Rushmore; now they denounce it because it BENEFITS them to do so. The protesters? They’ve discovered that protesting gives them POWER, and the more harshly they protest, the more power it gives them. It doesn’t benefit BLM to talk about black-on-black homicide, but it DOES to talk about white-on-black murder. Come on man….

  3. Bob Smith

    Tim are you discounting millions of Veterans who check both of your boxes.. don’t want to be eaten by the tiger stay out of his den

  4. Darryl Watchman

    The hosts of this program have been covered,indoctrinated,with socialist/communist groupthink since their parents put them in school to indoctrinate them.Programmed well.

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