The Far Left Is USING BLM To Stealthily Push To The Political Dialogue To Extremes

Tim and Adam discuss the Marxists who have infiltrated BLM and who are now using an organization originally designed for social justice as a front for their own goals.

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1,098 Replies to “The Far Left Is USING BLM To Stealthily Push To The Political Dialogue To Extremes”

  1. Joan Bishop

    1. BLM organization has been Marxist since day 1, as that was how it was founded. See interview of Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors, where she admits it, at the 7 minute mark in the 11 minute interview: “A Short History of Black Lives Matter” YouTube post by, The Real News Network:
    2. Well intentioned people are only now realizing the BLM movement has a Marxist agenda.
    3. If you listen to their ‘Saturday Sermons’, by BLM organization reps, on Instagram live… you will hear them talk about tearing down Capitalism and the ‘system’ to replace it with a new system.
    If anyone is not familiar with Marxism, the ideology and the extent of the genocidal atrocities it’s created in Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba…North Korea… start listening to Jordan Peterson explain it. He’s got plenty of video’s out on YouTube.

  2. Joakim Henrikson

    Covertly? Its bloody apparent to anyone with half a brain still functioning if ask me. Its rather overtly done! This isn’t by the far left alone, the Dems are behind the so called far left. The Dems don’t care for any of the consequences for ordinary people as long as they reach their goals. The far left is just a bunch of useful idiots.

  3. rob13589

    It’s amazing that you guys are just learning about what Democrats really do to the black community. If Adam really cares he would look up the 1920s and places like Texas and Louisiana and Alabama and Georgia. People don’t realize but back in the 1900s every single black person used to be Republican. Things changed in the 1960s with civil rights and LBJ. LBJ is praised for passing civil rights legislation even more so then Abraham Lincoln who was willing to sacrifice everything with a civil war to make sure black men and women were free. Yep Republicans as well. But LBJ is loved by the black community more than Abraham is, why is that? LBJ used a racial slur and said if I can’t stop them from voting then I’m going to make sure them “racial slur” vote Democrat for 200 years. Robert Byrd who Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are on video tape saying they look up to, he filibustered the civil rights legislation for over 75 days in 1967 when the civil rights legislation was passed. Yep he was a Democrat LOL Democrats literally murdered black men and women and tried to scare them out of voting through the KKK. Republicans were fighting right alongside black people. Look up Black Wall Street in the 1920s and it’ll make you cry. It’s a shame we don’t teach history like this but I understand why we don’t. If we taught this true history of America then Democrats would never get another black vote again

  4. Brett L

    Conservatives have been fighting this fight against the leftist for a long time. I’m glad liberals are starting to wake up and join the fight.

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