The Creepy Conspiracies Of The Denver International Airport

Tim and Adam examine some of the weird factors at play in the urban legends and stories surrounding the Denver International Airport.

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201 Replies to “The Creepy Conspiracies Of The Denver International Airport”

  1. Robert Vantine

    The second pic? It’s beating swords into plowshares. It’s about turning weapons of war into tools of peace.

  2. Generic Person X

    6:10 The kid is beating the sword into a plow. That it is a German child emphasizes that people are evil by choice, not inherently so, so don’t condemn the child for the sins of their fathers, that sort of thing. Very biblical.

  3. theTenthlife

    I grew up and have lived most of my life in Colorado near Denver, I kind of love DIA. I was a kid when Stapleton closed and DIA opened, I had never heard of all the conspiracies until recently and now DIA themselves have leaned into it. They have pictures of aliens in the security area making jokes about it. Also I fucking LOVE the demon horse. Sad that it killed it’s creator, but it’s so random and incredibly metal. The story among locals is that during construction an accident killed the artist and his son finished it which is why it looks so evil, he wasn’t exactly its biggest fan. No idea if that’s true, but that’s what I’ve heard and it’s a good story.

    I’ll admit the murals are weird as hell, but this is Colorado. Globalist and commie bullshit is everywhere, you get used to it. The only scary thing I’ve ever seen at DIA are useless TSA agents groping innocent people and searching children’s backpacks. Maybe there is a lizard hive under the place, but if so it’s well hidden. As you’d expect I suppose.

  4. michael morris

    Probably the airport is in the contingency plan for elites during an emergency for their bunkers in the rockie mountains. The outlandish almost parody conspiracies are used to subvert.

  5. FullRiver

    “Lizard people” Ahahahaha The “lizard people” is just a bunches “real rationals” who have been taking money for decades and expect somebody else is going to save them while taking all the money. Which prove to you that these real rationals are just a bunch of emotional retards who went for material crap because it made, makes them feel good.🙄”Real rationals” Ahahahaha.

  6. Peter Jantzer

    People really love conspiracy theories, no doubt. But as a man who did a lot of traveling around the country before I retired, DIA is, without question, the creepiest airport I ever saw.

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