2,476 Replies to “The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Seattle’s Revolutionary Commune”

  1. Liquidindigo

    Single parent homes create “bastards,” it’s as if these leftists are creating their own future woes while actively making present day living standards hellish. These Marxists don’t even have any solutions, just petty grievances that literally make no sense.

  2. PinkGirl2242

    Jesus warned us “Speak your truth and be prepared to be persecuted” we are be persecuted by doing good surprise surprise.

  3. Reaper

    1:05:25 Maha501 donated and said some things about Sweden. Well… I am a Swede and I really can’t understand how we’re having BLM uprisings (yes, uprising, not a protest. Rebellion maybe even.) about police brutality when our police are some of the least violent in Europe and probably the world. Not only that, they also want to replace or remove a bunch of historical statues. Both statues of Carn von Linné and Karl XII have been targeted. The former with potential vandalism and destruction, the latter with replacement with a statue of Greta Thunberg **shudders** Ugh…

  4. Reaper

    “Oh I’m abusive apparently! I’m going to threaten to end my life then, that’ll show ’em!”

    Come on.. doesn’t she see what she’s doing? Oh wait she’s 18 of course she doesn’t.

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