The Brexiteers Have Won

Congratulations, Brexiteers, we actually did it.

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105 Replies to “The Brexiteers Have Won”

  1. Eric Brown

    I was not aware you British people had the same insufferable bastard liberals that we do in the US. Apparently it is the scourge of democracy? Hopefully at the end of January 2021 I can be as happy as you are Mr. Sargon. Now, how about some more shows about how Marxist ideas are spread maybe with that ex-kgb fellow? Please?

  2. Sol Ution Finder

    Your not just a bad looser, Your a bad winner!
    Dont expect europe to cry for you when you figure out how ignorant You really are!
    And you cant afford bread anymore!

  3. Sol Ution Finder

    Repeating the vote until you get the answer you wanted is democracy?
    Refusing to repeat the vote again when the majority say they dont want to leave europe?
    You are free from europe? You mean europe is finaĺy free of a nation who sees them selves as gods when you are just violent selfimportant, ignorant fools!
    Europe can finally start evolving without England using their position of power to block laws just to get other advantages that have nothing to do with the law it’s self!
    This is GBs last breath!

  4. Algemeen3 Vhm

    Democracy has won? Really? When British society is practically split down the middel about the subject, clearly showing in the outcome. With the brexiteers being mainly old people who don’t have to live with the consequences anyway. But good luck to you all.
    You can now go back to being idiosyncatic all the way.

  5. The Intervention

    Freedom of movement in EU is the absolute least concern for a great number of working class people who can’t even afford bus journey into town.

    Choice involves sacrifice – we forgo one thing believing something else is better – and you cant tell people whats ‘best’ : The way the tory govt defines a ‘successful” economy is reprehensible .

    So people made a decision to Brexit .

    And yes for many it was about reducing immigration : if this WERE to happen – so people dont feel they are in a foreign country – it would have a feel good effect, benefiting health – meaning you wont need more staff for the NHS.

    Many people wont admit this and risk being accused of being racist – understandably because the heinous connotations of the word so instead say it’s about EU rules on three pin plugs or something .

    Remainers who indulge their sanctimonious egos by smearing critics of free movement as racist didnt help their own cause had ther been a second ref by not simply pointing out Brexit per se *wont* reduce immigration

    PC people need to know that many people who immigrate dont esp want to *be* in a foreign country – they are just duped into thinking they will be better off financially: higher wages but higher cost of living .

    Indeed many Remainers simply wanted to maintain their pretentious cosmo lifestyles : they dont care about working class from anywhere .

    That – alleged – rise in hate crime since EU ref *isnt* just because white natives – and its hateful prejudice to assume otherwise : If we could understand some languages we’d have more hate speech to report .

    Accusations of hate against a group are too often specious anyway.

    Schools need to STOP conning school leavers into HE to do studies with next to no job market value setting them up for debt and disappointment – THERES your workforce. Of course need to offer decent pay and ts n cs.

    Curious how PC people deem ordinary jobs ok for people from abroad to do.

    Any immigration policy simply needs to be fair and humane .

    Life is ups and downs in different ways and different times : the govt has a duty to mitigate worse financial impacts with fiscal policy – thats what its there for


    Some tory MPs say ‘lets get Brexit sorted so we can deal with everyday problems ‘ :

    The assumption of many Brexit voters is that being in the EU is the SOURCE of our problems – that Brexitting will *solve* these !!

    Yes people KNEW what they were voting for ( or against) BUT were mistaken in thinking Brexit per se will deliver on these.

    And most tory MPs know this is what many people believed but don’t want to admit their policies are responsible for the real problems : devious .

    So The vociferous minority of moaning meanspirited malcontents will *continue* scapegoating when they realise Brexit doesnt deliver what they think it will – and even if it did, they will *continue* scapegoating single mothers ,unemployed, PoC, the few immigrants for the increase in costs arising from Brexit. They are full of self pitying sense of feeling hard done by – they want their cake and eat it : Nasty attitude .

    In or out the EU the trouble for working class people is a tory govt : The tory govt is disgusting .

    So Brexit is quite unnecessary , is all

  6. eric philpot

    Imagine if you had a say in where your tax money was spent. Fewer entitlements I expect. Donkey sanctuaries would be set for life though.

  7. Silent Psykosis

    “Rather than forcing people to do it via their taxes, why not have people voluntarily contribute?”

    – Sargon AnCap of Akkad 5:30

  8. Psychotic Knight

    taxation is fine, the tax funds are supposed to go back into the country to maintain it, but instead is being pocketed through corruption, Dianne abbot shouldnt really be taking 10 thousand pounds out of the tax payers pocket to have a portrait done of herself, sadiq khan shouldnt be spending 200 thousand a time of tax payers money on parties for himself either

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