The ACLU Is NO LONGER Supporting Freedom, They Are SUING To Block Trump’s Demand For Fairness

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and friend Jack Murphy (@Jack Murphy Live on Twitter, YouTube) discuss how much the ACLU has fallen and how much they have changed.

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101 Replies to “The ACLU Is NO LONGER Supporting Freedom, They Are SUING To Block Trump’s Demand For Fairness”

  1. George Luis

    So if one person votes eight times, they should all count. Which democrat is worse? The one breaking the law or the one who wants to win that way? I’d like to win fairly and legally. Is anyone with me?

  2. Remington Steel

    The has not been what it was founded to be for many decades. They should be the ultimate Libertarian organization, but they are anything but that.

  3. Focused

    They could use opt-couplers for one way data transfer. Live vote machine tallies. Although I think you should enter a pin/passcode into the machine when you vote. Then the machine prints off a long string of charters. You look up the data on a block chain the pass-code you entered + the code on the print off. It then will tell you who you voted for. The block chain will have the records of all the votes, while still keeping your ballet private so the commies can not put you on a ‘list’.

  4. Breamin 1973

    You mean critical theory that’s all this woke stuff coming out of senators this is what we are facing a globalist communists invasion it’s in our college and our government we’ve been silently infiltrated since the end of ww2

  5. XyphonXero

    Tim is 100% correct. If they are allowed to get away with this there will never be a “real” election again. They own the software and will continue to abuse it. Elections are sacred and must be treated as such for this very reason.

  6. Alex G./AacaL05

    As a man I just get even more angrier every time I hear about what Kamala Harris and the rest of the Democrats did to that man

  7. Form4li7y

    *Ian starts talking about social security numbers and making part of a voters ballot public

    Dude, for a while now I have thought you were a dumbass that only got this co-host gig to make Tim look good. I tried to give you the benefit of the dobut. The doubt is gone, you’re a dumbass.

  8. Andreas

    HR, Amnesty, BLM, Confucius Schools … it’s all the same foreign crap led by Dictators and Liberals too weak to resist corruption and interest groups

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