Texas Is Now SUING Key Swing States In Election Case, If This Fails This May Be THE END For Trump

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host guest and lawyer Will Chamberlain to discuss recent lawsuits being brought by the Republicans challenging the election results, and move on to the recent Texas case that raises questions about the authenticity of results in key swing states.

Guest: Will Chamberlain @WillChamberlain – Twitter, HumanEvents.com

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527 Replies to “Texas Is Now SUING Key Swing States In Election Case, If This Fails This May Be THE END For Trump”

  1. Emerson-Shea April

    Ben shapiro made a good argument against this because it sets a dangerous president that every time a state passes a law that could affect another state, it means they can sue. Where does it end. How that state does jerry mandering will affect our state let’s sue them. How that state is doing health care is making People come to our state and causing an excess burden, your taxes are to high, or your taxes are to low. Even if this is for a good reason this show bad long term judgment of the kind democrats usually have.

  2. Roger McGhee

    Love sending feedback to YouTube:

    “No candidate is “President Elect” until the electoral votes are counted in Congress on January 6th. The candidate with the most votes is pronounced “President Elect” per 3 U.S. Code, Chapter 1. Please stop spreading misinformation”

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