Ted Wheeler Tweets, JOINS Rioters In What May Be The Worst Move Of His Career

Irresponsible leadership from Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, looks like allowing riots to drag on for weeks and then Tweeting at and joining rioters on the streets. Tim and Adam unpack this egregious action.

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860 Replies to “Ted Wheeler Tweets, JOINS Rioters In What May Be The Worst Move Of His Career”

  1. GM J

    Funny how Twitter’s neverending fight against fake news goes to have a coffee and chat with colleagues in the right moments…

  2. Boris Badenov

    History tells us that civil unrest results in mainstream America becoming more conservative. The 1960s riots were part of the reason Nixon got elected.

  3. Ezzeek Sleeps

    These Democrats are so stupid they don’t see that antifa and BLM are using them to push their agenda but don’t want any of them to be in power either. Same with the self proclaimed “educated” left in general. Aka, useful idiots. By the time they realized how stupid they really are it’s too late save themselves from falling to victims of the very thing they thought they were fighting against.

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