1. Gitana Shimmy

    I told my husband that George Floyd knew the cop and they had a beef with eachother (or the cop with him) and it wasn’t necessarily a racist event. He was like, “well he has a history of racism so we can assume this was racially motivated. We should convict him of a hate crime.” I told him that’s circumstantial and not proven to be true in THIS particular case.Nevermind that murder is already a crime of hate. My non-white husband had the nerve to tell me (a white person) that most white people who murder a non-white person are doing it out of racism! The nerve! But what can I expect? He’s fallen for the plandemic and is very left leaning. They all think white people are racist – which is racist to think – and having a white wife who isn’t racist, it unbelievable that he could think such a thing. But then, they don’t care about truth and evidence. They don’t even belive their own eyes.

  2. ME Enos

    You have to understand these are actors to make you believe police are still killing blacks. Do research!! People are paid to do this deep state once again!!! Most of the people that you see on the news are dead not all and if not their in jail. DEEP state keeps using the narrative racism!!!

  3. simply danLrene

    Keep remembering what Dr. Fauci said…..”FEAR is a great controller of people.” And boy has it worked. People just march into their homes, wear masks, like good little munchkins.

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