SXSW Canceled?! Major Annual Conference Shut Down Over Coronavirus Fears

A breaking story about South By Southwest being canceled continues a string of reports of event cancellation as the threat of coronavirus sends the nation into a mild panic.

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411 Replies to “SXSW Canceled?! Major Annual Conference Shut Down Over Coronavirus Fears”

  1. David Evens

    Everyone is buying toilet paper. I bough some the last time I went shopping, but I was legitimately low.

    The NHS in the UK already tried a utilitarian model: The Liverpool Care Path. This was a withdrawal of treatment for elderly people, including food and water. They were literally sedating people and leaving them to die. To make matters worse, they had financial incentives to make arbitrary targets for how many patients were put on it.

  2. Blake839

    Trump is not responsible for the damn virus. He won’t be responsible for the hurricane in Florida this year either. People are just whiny bitches.

  3. YTcensorsAll

    Exactly! China is lying! I was told here in Easton PA that we are receiving stuff from China now from a warehouse that was on shutdown. But I’m the crazy person for demanding to know where it came from because I’m opening the air tight packages. I have symptoms of respiratory issues, almost like if I was getting bronchitis. I’ve been to the casino where a lot of Chinese people are bussed in from NYC.

  4. YTcensorsAll

    South By South West turned into some hipster hangout with music of blah artists. South By So What was more for hardcore/punk/pop punk bands. So much better!!!

  5. Joanne Sgrignoli

    The CDC decided to create a new test in January, that would test for SARS-CoV-2 & 2 other diseases. The test kit failed, so the CDC was unprepared with kits necessary to contain the virus. What a stupid decision!

    Who is in charge of this at the CDC? Dr. Nancy Messonier aka Rod Rosenstein’s wife.

  6. Vociferon Herald of the Winter Mist

    It’s not hard to survive without toilet paper. And you can do it quite well. Buy a big bundle of cheap wash rags. You need two buckets beside the toilet. One about half filled with bleach water (it’s best to have a lid on that one) and one with just a touch of liquid soap. Even a few pumps of shampoo or baby shampoo will work. (If you swish the water and it makes suds, you put in way too much.) You put your wash rags in the bucket with a bit of soap.

    When you go poop, you wipe your butt with a wash rag, then drop it in the bleach bucket.

    When the bucket is full, you wash the rags with bleach and you end up with very nice, clean, sterilized butt rags.

    If you have a baby in the house, you put their cloth diapers in the same dirty bucket with the butt rags and wash it all together.

    It’s actually gentler on your skin than TP and you get much cleaner. That’s how my mom did it when we lived in the Alaskan bush when I was little. We didn’t see a single square of TP for more than a year. Honestly, I’ve never liked it over the rag bucket technique. With TP you have to wipe and wipe and wipe and you never really do feel clean.

    If you think about it, it makes sense. If you’re changing a diaper and you get some poop on your hand do you wipe it off with a bit of dry paper or do you wash your damn hands?

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