Study Proves NPC Meme Is Real, Some People Do Not Have An Inner Monologue??

In what is apparently a universally-flummoxing concept, some people do NOT have inner monologues while others do – and neither group is really aware of this. Adam and Tim explore what might affect the presence or absence of inner monologues – is it proof that NPCs exist?

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1,591 Replies to “Study Proves NPC Meme Is Real, Some People Do Not Have An Inner Monologue??”

  1. Nicholas Whitaker

    My breakdown- as someone with ADHD my inner monologue takes over my physical body sometimes. that is why a zone out happens. Frank Herbert wrote in the book Dune, about a test given to the main character Paul to decide whether he was human or animal. The Gom’Jabbar was a box that tests your willpower through pain. Because he was able to overcome his reaction to environmental circumstances through willpower of talking in his internal monologue he was able to pass the test and was considered human. there are some scriptures that say essentially that we are effectively variables in a plane of elements and we can either act or be acted upon. Meaning we can either choose for ourselves otherwise we are products of environmental variables. The difference could be seen as survival of the fittest. I am someone who both believes in deity and evolution and I think that they work together. Studies have been done about this and I think the nuance is so subtle that you almost have to come at it from a spiritual point of view. people who are religious but judge mental would be considered “animal” from Frank Herbert‘s point of view. People who religious but are welcoming and accepting would be considered “human“. please realize that I do not mean anything derogatory or negative when I say animal. I have explored this subject from many different points of view by myself and with my friends. I think this is what people are trying to say when they say “woke”, but people who do not have the willpower or critical thinking analysis through the use of an internal monologue to ask themselves questions are unable to see what his woke and what is broke.

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