Studies And Facts TRIGGER People, Twitter Leftists Believe Science Is BIGOTED

Tim and guest Colin Wright, PhD (@swipewright on Twitter) converse about the reaction that leftists have to science, and their knee-jerk response to facts and data that do not fit their narrow, exclusive worldview.

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570 Replies to “Studies And Facts TRIGGER People, Twitter Leftists Believe Science Is BIGOTED”

  1. Project 2501

    Leftists: “These GENES that defy your race show us that genes have nothing to do with race.” – do they even listen to themselves?

  2. Gags

    Democrats – “Follow the science!” You give them the science and it’s an issue because they don’t like the results. It’s not even the hypocrisy anymore it has become ignorance. You can not talk to people who are emotionally invested in an idea and they prove this time and time again.
    I like many Americans are at the point where we are fed up with all their nonsense.

    They have literally made themselves look like complete and utter jackasses. When they are done screwing something up from TDS the next idea gets even worse. The even rotate in and out… Oh here comes Nadler, ohh this is Pelosi and Schumer’s week….Don’t forget to all say the same stupid ƒµkıng catchphrase so some nitwits will agree!
    I seriously think the coronavirus infected all of them and it made them stupid. In 6 weeks they will be drooling and pissing on themselves when the TDS hits in high gear…Democrats worry about the people and get that check out too them. Probably a lot of kids in poor communities could use that for school and Pelosi is at home arresting people for pooping in ‘her’ driveway. It’s ok the rest of the city is an open sewer right?

  3. Kevin Taylor

    Been saying this to all of you since all this started , before actually regarding a couple of other things . The greatest enemy of lies is truth . The most efficient way to take away manipulations is by revealing facts and making those facts undeniable . And there it is . these people don’t want you to see truth because that’s the only thing that shows the lies for what they are .

  4. origionalwinja

    whats literally horrifying is the fact that a fucking medical doctor knows NOTHING about genetic…race, and gender are BOTH GENETIC!!! you can strip the flesh off a human and tell what race and gender they are by their skeleton!! these are science FACTS that have been proven time and time again! there arent even any studies that contradict this!! that quack needs her license to practice medicine revoked for good!!

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