Stock Market Makes Historic RALLY After Coronavirus Startles The Market

A quick glance at what the market did in response to CoVID-19 and what it may mean for the coming days.

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557 Replies to “Stock Market Makes Historic RALLY After Coronavirus Startles The Market”

  1. EADSBarracuda

    After today your vid definitly didnt age well. And your benie bro comes off even more like a clueless stoner.

  2. DoughyInTheMiddle

    13:08 Tim, same happened to a number of us that were in Gen X. Lost our house to the market crash because we learned about the term “Sub Prime Mortgages” before it was hip and trendy to talk about. Then, I lost my job. It’s taken me eight years to get within $15K of what I was making back then, but I also — foolishly — went back to school and racked up more debt.

  3. kaychuck

    Tim I listen to your stuff all the time. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Word of advice. Your brand is about sticking it to mainstream media. Your brand requires trust.

    You obviously don’t understand the stock market. Videos like this don’t help people trust you, and hurt your brand. Please stop.

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