State Department SANCTIONS China Over ‘Malign Activities,’ China Is Invading Everywhere


Tim, Lydia, and Luke host guests China Uncensored (Chris and Shelly) to discuss the state department’s recent actions against China.

Guests: China Uncensored – @China Uncensored & @America Uncovered on YouTube
@ChinaUncensored, @ShellyZhang on Twitter
China Unscripted podcast

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641 Replies to “State Department SANCTIONS China Over ‘Malign Activities,’ China Is Invading Everywhere”

  1. Tony Caine

    Don’t bash China unless you are ready to toss out everything you own that’s made in China. Your tv, computer, refrigerator, bed, shoes, socks, under wear, cellphone, car…..

  2. Whateverfits

    Do it while you can cause come January 20th all Americans will be forced to learn Chinese and work for nothing in sweat shops. Why do you think the Democrats have been trying to eliminate the Middle class? It’s so they can subjugate the Poor and Low class for their Chinese sugar daddy.

  3. Eric Garcia

    China invading everywhere cuz Beijing Biden is their puppet and they know the U.S. wont stand in their way as Biden gets on his knees and submits as where Trump stood up.

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