SpaceX POSTPONED Due To Weather, Disappointing But Still TONS Of Questions To Ask About Space

Tim and Adam are both disappointed by the cancellation (postponement) of the rocket launch in Florida, but decide to use the time to examine other questions about space, space travel, and the future – and past – of humanity as it relates to space travel and exploration.

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640 Replies to “SpaceX POSTPONED Due To Weather, Disappointing But Still TONS Of Questions To Ask About Space”

  1. dead account

    Lmao Really…….because that one was supposed to be the size of Everest. If any of Everests dimensions are a mile. The climbers are a bunch of bitches. About a decade ago it cost 10dollars per pound to put something into orbit.

  2. Barney Stenson

    angular acceleration is inward to the center of rotation. so if you were in space and aboard a fast enough spinning ship then you would feel acceleration toward the center point of rotation.

    • kokofan50

      Challenge accepted: Tony Stark is based off Elon, at least in the MCU, so Tony Stark is the movie Elon Musk.

  3. Christopher Johnson

    Thank you for not blathering on about systemic racism in America. I don’t think I can listen to that shit anymore…

  4. Sean Nissen

    All nuclear weapons will create radioactive fission products. The only way to avoid that is to keep the process going until you burn all the actinides away which you need a sustained reaction for. But yes some nukes are designed to do that more

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