Sometimes You Can’t TELL The Public The Truth, YOU HAVE TO SHOW THEM — Dave Janda

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Dr. Dave Janda joins me to discuss the tyranny in Michigan and President Trump’s plan to expose the evil of evil doers for the American public and whole world to SEE.

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1,716 Replies to “Sometimes You Can’t TELL The Public The Truth, YOU HAVE TO SHOW THEM — Dave Janda”

  1. Rosemary Bushell

    Hes a fraud and when they try again which might happen…..he will b in trouble. people will see through him and Bill Gates etc someone has to b blamed for they will put u under the train..
    Fuaci…so admit the truth and u will b protected…

  2. Archippus

    These wicked people separated grandparents from their families and made them die alone with nobody they knew around them, that is an evil itself! (not opinion,FACT)

  3. Op Hs

    Sound bite by Fauchi actually is opposite of what he did in the past with the HIV isolation where he stole the research work, claimed as his own, changed the results, and then sat on it girl years causing the deaths of millions Africans. He is evil through and through liar..

  4. Barry Carter

    They all have agendas, don’t they? This is, allegedly, a killer virus, or is it? Are we being had? With all these pathological psychopaths and their carefully programmed lies, that would be yes. If we don’t wake up in the latter part of the year we are screwed.And then there is “creepy uncle Joe”.

  5. Lena De Rothschild


  6. Robin Anderson

    Is there really a Corona Virus, or is it all just politicized, a farce, for political reasons because of the November Election ???

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