Social Media Highlights Lack Of Purpose, Encourages People To Invent Enemies And Adventure

Conversation about history brings Tim and Adam to the conclusion that the underlying problem our decadent culture faces is a near-universal lack of enemies and the adventure and challenge that comes with trying to defeat a real opponent.

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2,697 Replies to “Social Media Highlights Lack Of Purpose, Encourages People To Invent Enemies And Adventure”

  1. Søren Eriksen

    England didn’t pay reparations. They had to borrow money to compensate slave owners for releasing their slaves to freedom and secure a navy blockade of the slave trade towards US, Europe and the middleeast. This was incredibly expensive so these loans were only paid back in 2016. Ever wonder where all the slaves in the Arabien countries went?? They couldn’t continue their lineage because they were castrated.

  2. cp1cupcake

    The slavery related payments the that UK recently finished paying off were for the anti-slavery squadrons. Basically, the UK went on a 60-80 crusade against the African slave trade.

  3. Galidorn Elkenmeer

    Yo guys. Humans have had it figured out for millenia. It’s called family. We are designed and naturally programmed to have and care for our children. This is the biggest reason why things are falling apart, the very thing that gives us our only real worth has been devalued completely while meaningless garbage has been elevated to the highest position.

  4. Chris Clark

    Jesus dude you know nothing about the Battle of Harpers Ferry clearly. This was a very odd battle fougbt for specific reasons. At least learn history if you are gonna be a fake expert. I bet you are refering to John Browns raid, prior to the civil war.

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