Slow Motion Leftist MELTDOWN Erupts, Cenk Uygur SNAPS As Trump Plows Ahead With “Coup Attempt”

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100 Replies to “Slow Motion Leftist MELTDOWN Erupts, Cenk Uygur SNAPS As Trump Plows Ahead With “Coup Attempt””

  1. King Dragon Blood

    Yo I know I’m a little late but no they’re lying he’s asking for an audit which means counting and fixing any mistakes/doing a close investigation of the votes themselves like if the signatures might be off by a bit or the same vote counted more than once and that kind of stuff it’s not just a recount

  2. john goodwyn

    You say “we better see proof” but the problem is the leftist mouthpieces in the media will NEVER present any of the proof, instead blaming partisanship, legal trickery, and the SCOTUS being biased if Trump wins. They will NEVER show us any of the evidence we’re seeing coming out of the Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona hearings right now. And as long as they don’t show it, millions of mouthbreathers will never believe it.

  3. UNDDninja

    I would rather Trump win through contingent election even without evidence over Biden. I wouldn’t be particularly happy about it, I would however be happy about the fact Biden didn’t win in the end

  4. Arch Angel X

    I think Trump could win this because I have a feeling that there is secretly overwhelming evidence that Biden did steal the election and this could be part of draining the swamp. The Constitutional WILL NOT let a dictator from “The Office of the President Elect” be sworn into the white House. We are at war, it just hasn’t turned physical yet.

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