Seth MacFarlane Wants To Be MORE Involved In Star Trek, Rumors Are Flying

Star Trek takes the center stage as fans Tim and Adam express their hopes for a MacFarlane takeover of the iconic series

679 Replies to “Seth MacFarlane Wants To Be MORE Involved In Star Trek, Rumors Are Flying”

  1. Suing for Intelligence

    I’ve been watching DS9 but it’s an absolute chore to watch the only characters that interest me are worf and the ferengi. Most if not all of the bajoran stuff was just a bore.

  2. Izkata

    I’m way late, but: 12:20 – There is The Conjuring cinematic universe. It started in a similar way as the MCU, independent movies that got linked together. That seems to be one of the biggest keys to succeeding at it, you cannot announce the cinematic universe before it’s up and going.

  3. The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

    On the next episode, NPC guy 885654 apologises for all menz to all wamenz throughout history, asks permission to touch his poly gf while she’s being banged by 3 guys, and reveals that he’s asked to upgrade from an ally to a full feminist, he’s still waiting to hear back.

    He also stated that he “doesn’t miss his b@lls, his girlfriend is better at looking after them, though since her handbag got stolen he’s not sure where they are”

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