Senator Ron Johnson: Failure to be fully transparent has led to heightened suspicion


Senator Ron Johnson: “Lax enforcement, denying effective bipartisan observation of the complete election process, and failure to be fully transparent has led to heightened suspicion”

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  1. Australia Calling

    Come on America. Fight the CCP. πŸ™
    CCP had a complete dummy spit today with Australia reporting them to WTO. They are trying to break us economically.😒
    Biden is CCP….He has been blackmailed. Save America now! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. aviya cohen

    apologizes to outgoing United States President Donald Trump, saying: Thank you. In admiration we look at the good deeds that Trump is still doing for Israel and the Jewish people, making full use of his last days in the White House. Thank you, Trump, and sorry for not being elected.

    The American people did not want you. I, as an Israeli, cannot apologize on behalf of the Americans, I can only tell you that a close and beloved soul told me in Israel, when the election results in the United States became clear: “I have a hole in my stomach.”

    Israelis feel bad about the fact that Trump was ousted. Israelis have no fear of US President-elect Joe Biden, and most Israelis are confident that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows very well how to work with the new US administration. We have already been through American presidents who do not always understand Israel correctly. However, most of us feel that Trump was wronged when he was not elected.

    We want to apologize to him on behalf of the Jews of the United States as well. According to the vote analysis, American Jews were among the groups that thwarted Trump’s election to another term. I’m ashamed of them.

    Not only do Jews in Israel feel unjust today that Trump was not elected by American Jews, so does a Druze living in Israel, Job Kara feels. Upon learning of the election results, he posted on Twitter what many Israelis feel: “It is a great disappointment that 72% of American Jews do not have the gratitude, and they voted for Biden. I expected sweeping support for President Trump, who is the best American president in Israel.”

    He added that the alienation of American Jews from Trump, despite his astonishing support for Israel, reminds him of a phenomenon he is familiar with. He once told me “I love the Jews, more than the Jews love themselves.”

    Many American Jews reacted angrily to Kara’s remarks about their choice, but he, the non-Jew, actually expressed, perhaps somewhat sharply, the sentiment of many Israeli Jews. Israelis’ support for Trump is the opposite of opposition from American Jews. According to surveys, 75% of Israelis hoped for his election. This means that if the people of Israel voted for the United States, Trump would have several million more votes.

    This is even more unfortunate and painful, knowing that the American evangelists, lovers of Israel, voted for the outgoing president. I mean, in that sense, at least in my opinion, they are more in favor of Israel than the Jews of the United States.

    It is true that there are other considerations in choosing an American voter, and Israel is not the main thing, but Israel is also a choice of standing on the moral side. And if this moral choice is gaining weight among evangelicals and not gaining enough weight among American Jews, well, there seems to be a deeper rift here between American Jewry and Israel. I am afraid that if Israel builds on their support, it will simply not receive it, whereas if Israel asks for the support of the evangelical Christians, it will receive this support.

    For an Israeli, this is a confusing and painful situation. dangerous. In fact, every Jew in Israel is sentenced to death. We defend ourselves against the execution of this death sentence, also with the help of American support. During the Trump era, there was a feeling that there was an understanding of the issues important to Israel’s survival, its justice, its historical connection to Jerusalem and the homeland of the Jews.

    Most Israelis, and I too, are sad that this period is over, and feel bad when we ask ourselves: How compelled can our people in the Diaspora be towards those who love us?

  3. Trumpy Clock

    *Today* *is* *the* *17th* *of* *December* *2020.* *There* *are* *34* *days* *7* *hours* *36* *minutes* *and* *14* *seconds* *remaining* *until* *the* *end* *of* *the* *Trump* *presidency.*

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