Senator Calls For Military Intervention Over Riots Sparking OUTRAGE As Boogaloo Trends #1 On Google

Senator Calls For Military intervention over Riots Sparking OUTRAGE As Boogaloo Trends #1 On Google. Senator Tom Cotton in an Op-Ed for the NYT said “send in the troops”

Cotton argues that these riots must be stopped in order to protect peaceful protests. But opponents say the use of the military will harm minorities, a claim that seems to falsely conflate peaceful protests with opportunistic looters.

As the story unfolds Americans have begun searching for the term “boogaloo” at an alarming rate. The #1 search term on google for today is Boogaloo, a reference to civil war.

Whil we don’t know if or when a “boogaloo” will occur, Bill Barr has announced evidence linking Antifa to the rioting rocking our nation.


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3,314 Replies to “Senator Calls For Military Intervention Over Riots Sparking OUTRAGE As Boogaloo Trends #1 On Google”

  1. Vlad Dracoson

    Wow.. those poor people. No matter which way they go they are a puppet. The violence of Antifa on the hand goes to some real bad times, and the apparent recourse offered by BLM leads to a donation page which convinces you your donating to BLM, but its actually funding dem politicians as they fund Joe campaign without even knowing…. sheered like sheep. The only way to win is dont play.

  2. mefer swift

    Boogaloo refer actually to second boogaloo movie which is a bad sequel.

    So civil war boogaloo is refering to bad sequel of first civil war.

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