Seattle Moves To ABOLISH Entire Police Department The Day After Police Seize EXPLOSIVES

Seattle wants to abolish its entire police department and replace it with a ‘civilian-led department of community safety and violence prevention’, the DAY AFTER the police department seizes major explosives. Tim and Adam discuss how well this might work.

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5,314 Replies to “Seattle Moves To ABOLISH Entire Police Department The Day After Police Seize EXPLOSIVES”

  1. KamakazeTaco

    Won’t be any crystals. But I’m willing to bet black people will be able to run rampant and steal/attack anything they want, but if a white guy even jaywalks it’s gonna be a fine and community service.

  2. Geoff Murphy

    In the words of a well known pirate. The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude to the problem.

  3. waituntilthebeep

    I will say this… I believe that most people are good. But the blindly good allow the completely rotten to take over because they refuse to draw a line. They believe that people will change for the better if they are offered lots of resources. But the people that abuse the system are NOT good and they are the roaches of the world. They will drain what the good can offer and then take the rest of what isn’t free because there is no line. Roaches need to be exterminated. Period.

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