Seattle Driver Charged With Vehicular HOMICIDE After Protesters DANCE On Highway In Dead Of Night

In today’s infuriating news, Tim and Adam comment on the sober driver in Seattle who hit two protesters doing dances on the dark highway in all black clothing at 1:30 in the morning who is now being charged with vehicular manslaughter after one protester died of their injuries.

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5,051 Replies to “Seattle Driver Charged With Vehicular HOMICIDE After Protesters DANCE On Highway In Dead Of Night”

  1. Panzer Ace89

    Wtf is wrong with our society, I’m starting to wonder if the the people living in the Middle East in huts are the ones who have it right…

  2. David Williams

    So are BLM going to protest the injustice being done to this innocent black man? I doubt it….
    Why do you keep calling the driver dumb? He did nothing wrong! Those protesters should not have not been on the highway! It was pitch black, there were no lights and the protesters were not using any lights and did not have any reflective clothing on! And according to the police the highway was not blocked off legitimately! If anyone is to blame it is the idiots playing chicken on the highway!!
    Tbh that sentence should have said something like….
    Diaz Love (who, like Summer Taylor uses nonbinary pronouns), shared a hospital selfie on Facebook this week, with a message stating they (Diaz Love) were “alive and stable”.
    Love also commented “I cannot believe Summer was murdered” and “If they thought that this murder would make us back down, they are very wrong. Very wrong.”
    Not hard to explain really is it……

  3. laura chamberlain

    Plus, they treat him like he is a republican. Anyone driving is treated like the enemy for simply driving. People of both parties are driving on the road.

  4. ryan hall

    Look into a couple into a Kentucky couple that had ankle bracelets delivered to them, en force because the wife volunteerily got tested, was positive. would not sign a self isolation document. so state sent them to give them bracelets. Is this real? go get em

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