Scientists Try To Explain Ghosts, Could One Of These Theories Be The Answer?

Tim has some very interesting theories about what ghosts might be and why people might see them at certain times in certain places; Adam has some scientific points about what could cause people to think ghosts are really present.

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1,043 Replies to “Scientists Try To Explain Ghosts, Could One Of These Theories Be The Answer?”

  1. Steve Terry

    Ok you want science, first check out this: Andy Coppock’s haunted lab:
    Now what he doesnt explain is in Quantum mechanics there’s an experiment that demonstates that
    you can move objects with high energy UV (Hard) Photons, Also Hard UV quanta photon particals
    can pass through solid objects, or some QM enginners think that they dont pass through solid
    objects but teleport to the other side, therefore he believes hes seeing these effects
    of Hard UV photons. So he builds a high band UV camera, everyday CCD cameras dont cut it
    even with their UV filters removed they only work a short way up the vast UV band.
    Then he uses his camera
    Gets interesting 20mins onwards, 31.45 and 33:25
    So one can deduce that these invisible entries whatever they are? They’re made of UV photon quanta particles

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