Schools Are BROKEN And Indoctrinate Kids, Expert Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy On School Choice

Tim and guest Corey DeAngelis, PhD, adjunct scholar at Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom and Director of School Choice at the Reason Foundation, begin the conversation about school choice and diverse kinds of monopolies in modern governmental rule.

Guest: Corey DeAngelis, PhD
Twitter: @DeAngelisCorey
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1,213 Replies to “Schools Are BROKEN And Indoctrinate Kids, Expert Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy On School Choice”

  1. The Iron Grind

    The traditional Democratic argument against school choice (typically called school vouchers) is that more families opting out of public schools will lead to less families paying property taxes into public schools, which lowers the already low funding. The obvious issue with the argument is that these public schools are already doing a poor job of educating students, not to mention the disparity between public schools in high income vs low income areas, so allowing families the option to change schools is a better idea if the goal is a better education for the children.

  2. Roman Fury

    You want your kids to go to private school? Get a job and pay for it with your own money like everyone else. No more free rides. We already pay for your public schools with our taxes pay. Those people on welfare don’t even pay taxes.

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