School Is A Government-Run FAILURE That Breeds Frustration And Lack Of Purpose

Tim and Corey DeAngelis, PhD break down what it is about school that makes students so unhappy attending, and how the traditional cut-and-dried style of teaching puts kids into boxes and moves them further from their potential for life-long success, and Corey posits that we would need less school if we had more options for learning.

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944 Replies to “School Is A Government-Run FAILURE That Breeds Frustration And Lack Of Purpose”

  1. Schuyler Geery-Zink

    My public high school was awesome! We had challenging AP classes and electives taught by passionate teachers. I took history of the holocaust and holocaust literature which inspired me to go to law school. We had wonderful theatre, speech, music, and sports programs. We definitely could have had better practical courses… but my school is the rare exception, I think. I excelled in school but my little sister struggled… she barely graduated and got in trouble with the law for truancy, anxiety. So she went to our university’s online school. And she didn’t go to college but she got a job in car sales right out of HS and now she makes more than me lol.

  2. tenalpoen

    I’d prefer to let kids advance though school at their own pace, studying whatever is interesting for them, and taking tests when they feel confident that they understand the material.
    Then you give them achievement awards. Then it’s actually something to strive for.
    The school needs to be a place that kids want to go, where they have something fun and interesting to do.
    If you end up with kids who still don’t want to do anything, you help those kids. If you can’t do that, it’s your fault, not theirs.

  3. chad jones

    Check out the book “Weapons of Mass Instruction”. Bad schooling is a requirement for socialism. You cannot have a socialist movement if the public knows almost ANYTHING about the 20th century. Public education is primarily indoctrination (socialization) not education. Kids finish 12 year of government education and cannot sustain a 5 minute conversation about the nature and purpose of governance. K-12 is the source of our cultural problem. The infantilization we complain about in University was created in k-12. Trump needs to move the entire educational system under the DOD and make every teacher an employee of the Armed Services. Then liquidate (privatize) and sell of all schools which are viable and only operate the non-viable schools. This is the only way to rescue the poor from becoming indoctrinated pawns of the Left.

  4. SuperSaltydog77

    School systems all across America are Democrat/Liberal run FAILURES. Smart people realize that if it ain’t working then stop doing it.

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